Aleppo, Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2005

Every time paradise welcomes us, we say
Aleppo is our goal and you are the place we choose

By these words, the poet Al-Mutanabi, described Aleppo, which we do believe is not too much for a city like Aleppo.

Based on the architectural criteria which distinguish the beauty of this city, Aleppo was considered twenty-five years ago by the UNESCO as one of the most important Islamic cities and that its human heritage should be kept and protected. Everyone can find a lot of historical sites and buildings that represent most of the Islamic eras from the Rachid caliphs up to this date. Aleppo was considered a strategic crossroad of the three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa, and it became the major route for the traders’ caravans.
For these reasons, the people in Aleppo paid full attention and concern to the cuisine which contains the most delicious dishes, desserts and drinks. This is a cuisine whose reputation stretches from Istanbul to Aden.

Taking the above into consideration, the Syrian Academy of Gastronomy competed to have the International Academy of Gastronomy award Aleppo the annual Grand Prix for Gastronomic Culture, the second city after Paris to receive this prize.

Celebrating this important event, the Syrian Academy of Gastronomy has the honor to welcome a delegation of the International Academy of Gastronomy to Aleppo to deliver the award in September 2006.

The choice of Aleppo as Capital of Gastronomic Culture bestows on us a major responsibility to do our utmost to preserve our local gastronomic culture and heritage, of which we may be justly proud.

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