Syria is the cradle of more than 30 different civilizations. It has more than 2000 historical sites. We can find the traces left by the pre-historic man, especially near the rivers.

Because of its geographical situation between three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe, Syria suffered from many invasions and occupations.

We can mention some of the civilizations that were in Syria: Acadian, Amorite, Babylonian, Assyrian and Islam…

Since the first days of mankind, many kingdoms flourished in Syria: Ebla, Mari, Ugarit, Palmyra, Aleppo, Damascus…..



Religions in Syria:
Since the very ancient history, Syria is known for its great religious tolerance. A document found in Dura Europos assures that at the beginning of our era there were 14 temples, a synagogue and a church.  

St. Paul heard God’s voice on the way to Damascus, in the walls of which a church is dedicated to him. Hundreds of other churches and monasteries were then built in Syria, the reputation of some of them traveled through the centuries: St. Takla and St. Sarkis monasteries in Maaloula, St. Sergio cathedral in Rasafa, Qalb Lozeh church and St. Simeon monastery near Aleppo and many others. Upon the Islamic conquest, many mosques and Koranic schools called Madrassa were built. Today, Syria offers an example of inter-religious harmony which has to be mentioned as an example.


Syria in the Eyes of Foreigners:
A lot of travelers, artists, poets and archeologists visited Syria and liked it. Philippe Hitti, the eminent historian wrote that the researchers consider that Syria presents a lesson about what man was through all the eras. The archeologist, André Parrot said that each one of us should have two home countries: the one he was born in and Syria. Openheimer said Syria is a paradise for archeologists

The First State in the World:
On the Syrian and Mesopotamian land, the Amorite kingdom is considered as the first state in the history of humanity.

Syria is the cradle of arts, sciences and religions. In its origins, we can find the most ancient frescos, sculptures of cults or decoration, a great knowledge in the fields of mathematics, philosophy and mythology. All these contribute in the early development of civilizations.



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