List of books at the ASG Library

- The Triumph of the Sea                                                         F.RO.M.

- Middle Eastern Cuisine                                                            Sima Osman Yassine &

                                                                                            Sadouf Kamal

- Seductive Flavours of the Levant                                             Nada Saleh

- The Florman Guide to Europe’s Best Restaurants                       Charles Florman

- Mediterranean Street Food                                                     Anissa Helou

- Tornedalen Tornionlaakso A La Carte                                        Manne Stenros

- Tappi A La Carte                                                                   Tapio Sointu

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Lecture given by Mr. Georges HUSNI, on March 3, 2004

Lecture given by Mr. Georges HUSNI, founding president of the Syrian Academy and secretary of the International Academy of Gastronomy, during the International Forum on Health Tourism: “Gastronomy as a Principal Motivation in Tourism” – Santiago of Compostela (Spain), on March 3, 2004

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